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Cooking and Sailing are the two main passions of the crew of Salty Lass. So when the crazy idea of travelling the world, trying new foods and cooking the food that we find came into our heads then there was only one way to travel and that was by sail boat. If you want to find out about our sailing adventures, then visit Salty Lass, but if you want to put great food on the table then you have come to the right place.

The galley on Salty Lass

The galley on Salty Lass

The galley on Salty Lass is tiny, but it has all the essentials, a two burner stove with oven and grill, a fridge and a double sink, luxury indeed, but if we can cook in this tiny galley, then you...
Beverley and Gaynor

Beverley and Gaynor

With two cooks aboard then you have double the fun, but with different levels of expertise, you also get a competent cook in the form of Beverley and one who is willing to try anything in the form...
The galley crew

The galley crew

The galley crew are in charge of the galley and help where they can ...
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