You do have to be more cautious with chicken as the meat can go off quite quickly in a ships fridge.

Watch our "Chicken Satay" video and add comments etc.

Chicken Satay - Masterclass

If you ever need to cook satay sauce from scratch then this is your masterclass in how to make the sauce. Cooking the sauce this way will mean that you can have it gluten free and just the way you...
Watch our "Chicken Biryani" video and add comments etc.

Chicken Biryani

This week we had guests coming aboard and we had some fresh cherry tomatoes so we used them to make a chicken biryani Ingredients - Serves 4 Meat sauce layer 2 chicken breasts 2...
Watch our "Cock-a-leekie soup" video and add comments etc.

Cock-a-leekie Soup

This is a great soup, for making up in a batch, and can be used as a starter, or served with fresh bread to make a nutritious meal containing at least two of your five a day. Ingredients ...
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Brunswick Stew

I have enjoyed Brunswick Stew on many occasions, but seeing as we were tied up in Brunswick Dock, then I really wanted to eat the stew in the correct place. Ingredients - Serves 2 2...