The galley on Salty Lass

The galley on Salty Lass

The galley on Salty Lass is tiny, but it has all the essentials, a two burner stove with oven and grill, a fridge and a double sink, luxury indeed, but if we can cook in this tiny galley, then you should be able to cook our dishes in your home.

In addition to only having a tiny galley, we have other considerations to take into account.

  1. We have no freezer
  2. We have no microwave
  3. We have limited fuel
  4. We have limited electricity

So all those modern appliances that really help speed up the cooking time just don't exist on Salty Lass, so it does mean we have to live a simpler life, but that is what we wanted. If however we know that you could use a gadget to speed up the process then we will mention these if we can.

Having limited fuel and electricity on Salty Lass, means that if we can we will use Mr. D our thermal cooker, to cook our food rather than the oven.

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