Gluten Free

All the food created for Cooks tour is gluten free. We have found that by changing the recipe slightly, using a different flour, thinking ahead then you cam have great food, just minus the gluten.

Watch our "Carrick Casserole" video and add comments etc.

Carrick Casserole

It was a fairly horrible day in Carrickfergus, so Beverley decided to cook Carrick Casserole, which is just a casserole that Beverley learned to cook in and around Carrick, as a child. Its a really...
Watch our "Irish Stew" video and add comments etc

Irish Stew

We were in Ireland, Carrickfergus to be exact, so we thought that we would cook one of Ireland's traditional dishes. Irish Stew to be exact. Ingredients - Serves 2-3 2 pounds potatoes ...
Watch our "Mushroom Soup" video and add comments

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup is a very easy dish, so as a novice cook then I thought that I would give it a try, it also allowed me to introduce Wanda our wonder bag, which cuts down gas consumption. ...
Watch our "Beef Bourguignon" video and add comments

Beef Bourguignon

In Bangor Northern Ireland, there is a really good butchers. It's great to be able to get good quality meat, or in this case a really nice piece of shin. Ingredients - Serves 2 1 medium...
Watch our "Bangers and Mash" video and add connents etc.

Bangers and Mash

We were in Bangor Northern Ireland, so we thought that it would be fun to cook Bangers and Mash, after all there is only one letter different. Ingredients - Serves two 4 - 6 Gluten free...
Watch our "Cock-a-leekie soup" video and add comments etc.

Cock-a-leekie Soup

This is a great soup, for making up in a batch, and can be used as a starter, or served with fresh bread to make a nutritious meal containing at least two of your five a day. Ingredients ...
Watch our "Cheats Banoffee Pie" video and add comments etc.

Cheats Banoffee Pie

I am sure that this recipe has been around for ages, but I had recently bought a portion of Jefferson's rum butter in Whitehaven and the idea of making a biscuit base, with the rum butter, was very...
Watch our "Leftover Chilli" video and add comments etc.

Leftover chilli

Making the most of leftovers, is the best way to make the most out of life. We had made a rather nice cottage pie for our crew, on the day of their departure which was the Sunday. When we make a...
Watch our "Brunswick Stew" video and add comments etc

Brunswick Stew

I have enjoyed Brunswick Stew on many occasions, but seeing as we were tied up in Brunswick Dock, then I really wanted to eat the stew in the correct place. Ingredients - Serves 2 2...
Watch us making our fajitas and add comments etc.

Mushroom Fajitas

Sometimes there is nothing wrong with using a packet to provide you with good nutritious food. I particularly like the Old El Paso Fajita Kit, as the Fajitas are good, even my daughter likes them,...
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