Gluten Free

All the food created for Cooks tour is gluten free. We have found that by changing the recipe slightly, using a different flour, thinking ahead then you cam have great food, just minus the gluten.

Watch our "Apple Crumble" video and add comments etc.

Apple Crumble

This traditional pudding is absolutely delicious. A great comfort food and really easy to make Ingredients - Serves 4 125grams of hard brown sugar 125grams of butter 250grams of...
Watch our "Gluten Free Bread" and add comments etc.

Gluten Free Bread

A soft gluten-free bread that makes super toast (especially with butter and a good marmalade) or with scrambled eggs. It does take a higher setting on the toaster than wheat-based breads, The really...
Watch our "Egg and Nushroom Soup" video and add comments etc

Egg & mushroom noodle soup

This is a really good soup for the summer months where you want something that is a little bit lighter. Its also a very quick soup to make as the vegetables used are nice even when they are cooked...
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